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Gainesville, Florida Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Directory

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Hope this page has helped direct you to find a AA meeting, or Alcoholics Anonymous Intergroup for your area. If you need to find a meeting now please use the AA Meeting Locator found on this site. If you or someone you know might have a problem with Alcohol or Drugs abuse, and think a drug an alcohol rehab treatment program is for you? Do not wait we encourage you to find a “inpatient treatment center” for alcoholics and drugs as soon as possible. We can help, just click on the 24/7 chat window below. At times it's a good idea to go to a alcoholism or drug detox center to clear our brain before we attend a AA Meeting. Alcoholics Anonymous has worked for millions of people and it can work for you. So check your local listings and see about getting a head start from a drug and alcohol treatment program near you. Than join us at your local AA Meeting for a new outlook on life. The 12 Step Program of AA has changed many life's and it can change yours to. Recovery begins from with you! If no friend or acquaintance who happens to be an AA member is available, contact can always be using the number provided here 352-372-8091 this is the current number to contact someone to help you find a AA Meeting near Gainesville, Florida



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